How to apply

Reimbursement of health care fees must be applied for within six months of the payment of the fees!

The papers should be delivered in the original to the Fund (visit, mail/Wärtsilä internal mail) or scanned via e-mail or via e-services (kela-reimbursable). Please note that this email connection is not secure. In the future, I recommend submitting applications (kela) with personal information either by internal mail or by logging in via


Kela-reimbursable: The costs of a private doctor/ dentist/ dental hygienist / physiotherapist (=fees/test, examinations), travel expenses (excess 25 e/direction) and Kela-reimbursable medicin,
when the Kela-benefit has not been deducted.

   -Fill and sign reimbursement application SV127e
   -The Kela blanks from the given care/examination and possible doctor’s referral (physiotherapy or dental hygienist)
   –Receipt/invoice, which shows that the expense has been paid(own acknowledgement sufficient)

Not Kela-reimbursable / supplementary benefit = the costs of a communal dentist/ health center/ hospital/ massage, travel expenses under excess, appliances and glasses as well as the excesses of the cost where the kela-reimbursement has been deducted.

     –Receipt/invoice, with member’s name and showing that the costs have been paid (own acknowledgement sufficient). Massage and appliance need doctor’s prescription!
    -No application from is needed in these, but please write your birth date to the receipt and notice to inform if your bank account number has been changed!

Reimbursements in accordance with the Fund’s rules are not paid to a member who falls ill during unpaid leave (lay-off or parental, study or alternation leave). Notice! Members must notify the Sickness Fund when they take unpaid leave.

The two-year counting period for the reimbursement of eyeglasses begins from the date of purchase of the eyeglasses (payment date) and in case of dental care, from the date of dental appointment (the latest date of appointment on the invoice) Check with the Fund’s office if you want to know the starting date of a new reimbursement period.

Office fees charged by private medical centers or institutions are NOT reimbursed, or neither  driving license renewal (not medical care).

All reimbursements are paid to the bank account provided by the member, payment dates Tuesday and Friday


The Fund is a so-called workplace fund that grants reimbursements in accordance with the Finnish Health Insurance Act:

• medical expenses
• sickness allowance
• benefits for families with children (maternity-, paternity- and parental allowance)
• special care allowance

These benefits are handled in the Fund, if the beneficiary is the Funds member.  More information and application forms will be found in the Fund, KELA offices or Application forms also here.