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A person who is employed by any of the following companies (the Fund’s coverage) and receives their primary income from one of the said companies can join the Fund: Wärtsilä Group’s offices in Finland, DHL Supply Chain’s Wärtsilä offices in Vaasa, Fortaco Oy (Mustasaari factory), KPA Unicon Group Oy (Kiuruvesi).

The membership is optional. If an employee wishes to join the Fund, s/he must apply for the membership within six months of the beginning of permanent employment.

The Fund also allows retired members. Contact the Fund for more information.

When joining the Fund, new members will receive a new KELA-card with the Fund’s identification number 12702. The card MUST NOT be used after the end of the membership or during unpaid leave (e.g. alternation leave). The Fund’s additional benefits are not valid during unpaid leave.

Membership fee:

The membership fee of employed members is 1.4% of the salary subject to the Prepayment of Tax Act, however maximum 62,50 €/month for employee and 28,80 €/salary period for worker. 


  • 100%: Doctors’ fees, KELA-reimbursable medicines and examinations prescribed by a doctor, hospital and health center fees, eyesight examinations performed by an optician, travel expenses (in accordance with KELA’s rates).
  • 70%: an MRI prescribed by a doctor, physiotherapy or massage prescribed by a doctor (up to 20 treatment sessions/year).
  • appliances prescribed by a doctor EUR 170, facility fees EUR 100, burial assistance EUR 1010.
  • after a year-long membership: dental care expenses EUR 450 and eyeglasses EUR 450, both every two years.


Office fees charged by a private medical center or institution are NOT reimbursed.

Reimbursement must be applied for within six months of the payment of the fee. Members must see to that the reimbursement application is filled and the fees in question have been paid.

The Sickness Fund has signed a direct compensation agreement with:

  • pharmacies in Vaasa and its nearby region, Yliopiston Apteekki pharmacies (detailed list on the Fund’s website)
  • Mehiläinen in Vaasa
  • Terveystalo, throughout Finland
  • SynLab, throughout Finland

These abovementioned places will provide, free of charge, such medicines that are prescribed by a doctor and are reimbursed by KELA, treatments and examinations prescribed by a doctor, and doctors’ fees. Always present your KELA-card when visiting these places.

If you do not present your KELA-card, you must pay the entirety of the fees yourself. The service providers are NOT ALLOWED to deduct the KELA-reimbursement.

More information: General guidelines 01_2019